In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities. – János Arany

Is this possible, or impossible? Look more closely, this is a real place, not something from the imagination of MCEscher. Are you tricking yourself into believing that something is impossible?

Is this possible, or impossible? Look closely, it’s a real place, not something from the imagination of MC Escher. Are you tricking yourself into believing that something is impossible?

What does that mean?
This quote is from a poet and writer of ballads in Hungary in the 1800s. Given the way poets tend to write things, this makes perfect sense.

Many things are impossible, given our present knowledge and technology. But dreams are not ruled by the laws of physics, at least most of the time.

And so it is in love, at least according to the poets and the hopeless romantics. But can this romantic notion be applied to a broader definition of love?

Can love conquer all (to paraphrase another quote)? Love of country, love of charity, love of justice? These have prevailed throughout the ages, and I believe they can triumph even in the face of impossible odds.

Why is belief important?  
There is a certain amount of belief necessary for love to exist; a belief in the need, value, or desirability of the person, item or ideal in question. That belief helps us face the possibility of facing long, hard odds. And they are almost always stacked against us.

But that is how we face impossibilities. If our love, desire, and commitment are strong enough, then so too is our belief. The belief can sustain us through the tough times, and keep us convinced that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train.

Why do people struggle in the face of certain death? Aren’t we all facing certain death, at least of the flesh? Yet we fight the impossible fight in every and any way we possibly can. Why? Because we love life, and we believe we will beat the odds and live a long and happy life.

Where can I apply this in my life?
The surest way to fail in any task is to give up. If we can keep our belief that we can succeed, or at least leave a mark for others to surpass, we can keep going. In this way we can face what seems like an impossible task with cheer and a positive outlook.

While I was not as involved as some, I considered the planning of our wedding to be an impossible task. It was monumental. But she believed, and worked hard to make it happen. Eighteen months and a binder full of notes, details, plans, and receipts kept it all together. It might have been difficult, challenging even, but not impossible.

If you had told me that I’d still be posting a daily blog, almost three years later, I would have told you it was impossible. Yet, here I am, with nearly one thousand posts and nearly a million visits. It took me a little while to develop it, but I have a belief that I am helping others, and my love for them makes this possible.

But the question before us is you, not me. What in your life seems impossible, even though you know it is only merely a challenging, difficult and trying experience? What are you not even trying, or trying halfheartedly, because you don’t believe it can be done? Or don’t believe it is worth the effort?

Take a moment and consider what these things might be. How can they be so impossible, other than your lack of belief? Do you love the thought of completing the task? Would you love the result, after you succeeded? Do you love the concept so much that it doesn’t matter if you succeed or not, but that trying is an imperative?

Can you find the spark to rekindle the love you once felt for these people, the items, or the ideals in your past? For some of these, their time may have passed. My once burning love of playing American Football has dimmed. I am probably twice the age of the average player, and more than a bit past my prime. For me, that love has become an impossibility.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t yell at the television from time to time, when my favorite team is doing very well, or the opposite. Some of your past loves may still be within your reach, if only you reach out, and put forth the effort. What are you willing to do to overcome the impossibility of the task?

Are you willing to work hard to get the rust off some old skills, and learn some new techniques? Are you willing to put in the effort to get things going again? Are you willing to face the obstacle which seemed impossible on the day you quit? Are you willing to find a way past it, over it, under it, or through it?

We dream of many things. We love many people, things, and ideals. For those things closest to our hearts, nothing is impossible. Just extraordinarily difficult and costly in time, effort, and treasure. But there is no force as unstoppable as love. Whether it is romance, or a deep passion, nothing can withstand such belief and motivation for long. Impossible; it is just a word.

From: Twitter, @Quotes_on_Love
confirmed at :ános_Arany
Photo by Till Krech

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