Harmony is pure love, for love is a concerto.

Harmony is pure love, for love is a concerto. – Lope de Vega

One wrong note will be noticed. Harmony makes good music. Practice makes harmony easier.

One wrong note will be noticed. Harmony makes good music. Practice makes harmony easier. They are going to be practicing, what will you be doing?

What does that mean?
A concerto is music played by a soloist (or group of soloists) and a small orchestra. This allows for a great deal of interplay between both the soloist(s) and the orchestra.

Doing so in a random manner would lead to all kinds of nasty sounds, or disharmony. To make a concerto work, everyone needs to play in proper intervals or in harmony with each other.

While this quote is almost certainly about romantic love, I would say that harmony is needed in any loving relationship. Whether it’s a platonic love for your co-workers and friends, or a notional love for country, freedom, or justice, disharmony isn’t going to help.

Why is harmony important?  
Being in harmony, or the act of being harmonious, is a useful thing in most any endeavor of life. In rush hour, is traffic harmonious, or in discord? Do meetings go more smoothly when people deal with each other in harmony or when they do not?

What about your family? While no family is without discord, hopefully there is at least some harmony, if only for a little while. What about your neighbors? Harmony or discord? If it depends on the day, you might be doing something wrong, right?

Still, harmony is useful in the checkout line at the store, at the big game and in nearly every other aspect of our lives. It may be fun to stir things up every once in a while, but the primary mode for our lives is typically harmony.

Where can I apply this in my life?
Well, right now I’m listening to some classical music, including a few concerti (plural, in Latin), as I write the blog. I love writing the posts, so I guess this counts, right? But beyond that bit of silliness, where in your life is there a lack of harmony, or the presence of discord or strife?

Quite a number of possible places were considered in the prior paragraphs. Which ones apply most to your life? What of them do not? Is your job anarchy in action? Unless you’re on the set of Myth-Busters, probably not. Even controlled demolitions of buildings is well planned and very harmonious.

Groups of any size, from two to two billion, need some harmony to be able to move forward in any way shape or form. Without it, it’s just a mob, or a riot in the embryonic stage. Ever been there, or done that? It might be exciting for a brief time, but it’s not how I want to live. What about you?

Getting back to love, the topic of the quote at hand, how do you interact with the people you love? Of course there are plenty of different types of love for our fellows, whether it’s a close friend, an acquaintance, a family member, or a lover.

Again, it isn’t going to always be perfect. There will be periods of disharmony, that just seems to be part of human nature. We just need to remember to keep the squabbling to a minimum, and get back to work on our harmonious playing, right?

What about our love for things non-human? Do you love cars? Motorcycles? Paintings? Music? Chocolate? How often is that in harmony with the rest of your life? I love tech and I love a challenge. This post is going out late because I wouldn’t set something aside and do my blog. That’s a sour note!

How well do you keep your love of things in harmony with your life? I usually do a better job, but this time, I just couldn’t help myself. I had to figure it out and set it right. But that doesn’t happen often. What about you, is it the rule or the exception? What would it take to fix that?

Let’s finish with the concept of harmony with ideals. How well does a love of honesty work if a person is constantly stretching the truth? There is a little disharmony there, right? What about a tax cheat who claims to love the concept of justice? Another sour note, right?

Staying in harmony with all we love is a difficult thing for most of us, unless all you love is gold. That might be a little easier for you to keep harmonized. We will make glorious music at times. Other times, not so much music as notes and noise.

But it is our life, and our music to make. Only we can decide how hard and how often we will work on our part. The more often we practice and the more effort we put into those practices, the better we will become. So I’m off to practice my part, what about you?

After all, we have a concerto to work on, right?
From: Twitter, @Quotes_on_Love
confirmed at : http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/l/lopedevega204854.html
Photo by Stephen Wolfe


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