After all, tomorrow is another day.

After all, tomorrow is another day. – Margaret Mitchell

It may not be Carnegie Hall, but she looks like she is having fun. On what dreams have you given up hope?

It may not be Carnegie Hall, but she looks like she is having fun. On what dreams have you given up any hope of completing? Are you still willing to try?

What does that mean?
The line, from her novel ‘Gone with the Wind,’ is spoken by Scarlet O’Hara.

While we never know how many days we have left, tomorrow is always going to be coming. This quote talks about tomorrow as a new opportunity, a new chance to start again.

That is something we forget about sometimes. Our path is not, in my opinion, fixed or pre-ordained. Neither is our trajectory. Just because things didn’t go well today, doesn’t mean it will be that way forever.

Even the best sports teams have losing streaks. Each game is a new chance. Each day gives us a new opportunity to excel. Each day gives us a new chance to break whatever losing streak we may feel we have.

Each day brings with it new opportunities and new ways to utilize them to our advantage, and the advantage of others. All it takes is this realization, and the gloom-and-doom can be banished, replaced with hope.

Why is hope important?  
If you talk to people who have survived horrible ordeals, at some point they will say that their hope was a big part of why they are still alive. A hope for a way out, a hope for rescue, a hope for food or water, a hope that they will be found.

Somehow their hope kept them going, despite what seemed like an impossible challenge. Some even tell of the person next to them, or even a close family member, losing hope, and then losing even more. Sometimes hope can be the difference between life and death.

Hope can also exist in less dire situations. Sometimes that hope is more like a fantasy, such as “I hope I win the lottery.” Or “I hope they will go out with me.” If you put in the work, and actually stand a chance, then hope can become a real thing.

But without hope, it can be really hard to move forward with our lives. Odds are that we’ve all been in that place, if only for a moment or two. And that is the point, to have hope, something to work towards, and something for which we can hold out.

Where can I apply this in my life?
We all have parts of our life, at different times, when hope fades. What started out as something easy or straight forward, somehow goes wrong. Someone who said that they would be there, bails on you. Something you were expecting, doesn’t show up.

What do you do? It is natural to have an emotional response to the letdown. However, how long do you let it last? How long do you wait before starting on PlanB? You do have a PlanB, right? It might be harder, or take longer, but there is almost always a path forward, despite the setback.

Will you wait until tomorrow? If so, what will you do with the rest of today? It might be late, perhaps you will use the time to decompress. A primal scream (just to get it out of your system) followed by something relaxing? Perhaps a bath, or a book, or something fun and mindless on TV?

When tomorrow rolls around, what will you do? Will you be ready to tear into it? Will you be ready to get started on PlanB, or is it PlanC already? If need be, I hope you are willing to make a PlanZ, and then execute it. I hope you aren’t still moping and having a pity party, right?

Take a moment and consider what you have abandoned in your life, on what have you given up hope? Some things may well be beyond reach, but others can be brought back, in an altered state. While you may not ever play Carnegie Hall, but you can still have a little fun, right?

I know that at my age, playing Pro Football is out of the question. But I can still enjoy watching the game. Being an Arm-Chair Quarterback isn’t as much fun as actually contesting on the field, but it beats doing nothing. Besides, I can occasionally find a pick-up game at the park and have a little fun.

What can you do to bring hope, a more realistic hope, back to your life? And by realistic, I mean what are you willing to work to accomplish? If you are willing to dedicate the next ten years of your life to intense practice, and have the talent, you could still play some of the great halls.

What will you need to do to get things started again? What will help bring a little hope back into your life? What will help bring back the joy and fun? What will help you face the new day with a smile on your face, and a spring in your step?

Your attitude will determine how you live tomorrow, should you be graced with one. What is your attitude, and what will it take to energize your feelings of hope? You just need to decide.

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2 Responses to After all, tomorrow is another day.

  1. We should take everything we learn today and apply it to tomorrow 🙂

    • philosiblog says:

      That would certainly make things a little easier over time. Learning is a great way to make the path ahead smoother and easier.

      Thanks for the comment.

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