People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.

People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.Lewis Cass

It took a while, but eventually I went skydiving. This isn’t me, but my dive was also a tandem. It really is fun. 8)

What does that mean?
This is a classic, which has been said many ways before, from elegant, through practical, to downright crass. But the point remains clear, say what you will, it’s what you actually do that matters.

People say a lot of stuff, right? You’ve heard people talk about what they are going to do if this, or when that, or something equally out there in the realm of “wouldn’t it be nice if…” However, how many actually go out and do it?

In my experience, a few will, but most will not. And that is what the quote is about. It’s about being part of that smaller group and actually going out and doing something. Whether that means turning down your mouth, or turning up your action, get it done. After all, talk is cheap.

Why is taking action important?  
Please don’t think that this quote is about slapping down mouthy people, or shutting your mouth. I don’t want anyone to lower their talk, but instead I wish them to balance what they say and what they do. And try to remember that mouthy people need love and guidance too. 8)

While that may involve talking a little less, it isn’t the purpose of this post. I don’t want to get you to lower your talk to your level of action, but to raise your level of action to your level of talk. In all likelihood, you will end up meeting somewhere in the middle.

Actions will get things done, and shut the doubters up. Nothing else is a substitute. If you said you were going to do it, you better get working, right? You just have to answer the question: “What are you going to do about it?”

Then do it. Sounds simple enough. You just have to keep your mouth from putting you in too tight a situation. Don’t say you’re going to go skydiving if you aren’t ready to back it up. Strap up, climb in, jump out, and pull the cord. Simple enough, anyone can do it, right?

Where can I apply this in my life?
If you are known as being kind of mouthy, you might want to consider toning it down just a bit. Then look at where you can start backing up some of your words. To me, that is at the heart of this quote. Matching your deeds to your words, and not over-promising then under-delivering.

You have probably met someone like that before. They talk and talk and talk, but never seem to get around to doing. How well are they thought of by you and your friends? Is that how you want others to think of you? I don’t imagine any of us are quite that bad, but we could all be a little more active, right?

What are some of the things in your life you have said you were going to do, but haven’t yet done? Are there enough to make a list? If so, you might want to grab some paper and start writing things down! If not, you might want to write it down anyway, so you have a list of things to do eventually.

What on the list is really of interest to you? Take a moment and mark the ones you really want to do, and the ones you really don’t want to do. There may be a few left over that you’re kind of neutral about, and that’s fine. But sort the really interesting ones and really dreadful ones and mark them.

Take a moment and write down why reasons why you aren’t going to do the things you aren’t going to do. That way if it comes up in a conversation, you can say that you have reconsidered and explain why. Or you could just say you were talking stupid. Whatever works for you. 8)

For the ones you actually want to do, look at what each will take in time, effort and money, and select your top three (or so). Now decide which one you want to do first. Is it something you can get started on right away, or is there some planning which you need to do first?

Determine what your first few steps will be, and then take the first one, even if all you do is call someone on the phone, send an e-mail requesting information, or researching it online. Start the ‘do’ part sooner rather than later, right? Take the first step, then keep after it!

Go out and get it done, because talk is cheap.

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