I always turn to the sports pages first, which records people’s accomplishments.The front page has nothing but man’s failures

I always turn to the sports pages first, which records people’s accomplishments.The front page has nothing but man’s failures.Earl Warren

Usain Bolt, heading for the World Record in the 100 meter dash, at the Beijing Olympics 2008.

What does that mean?
For those of us who aren’t big fans of newspapers, this quote is the embodiment of one of our biggest complaints. The newspapers seem to always focus on the worst things that happen in life. The biggest failures, the greatest tragedies, or the worst of human behavior are their best sellers. And the worst of the worst is always on the front page.

The sports pages will sometimes cover tragedies, as unfortunate things happen in sports as well as in the rest of life. However, they usually are focusing their coverage on the best in human achievement. Do any of you remember the excitement in the 2008 Olympics when Usain Bolt broke the world record for the 100m dash? I was quite excited to see such a magnificent achievement, and I don’t even care for track & field.

Why is achievement important?  
There is a certain magic in seeing records fall. Humanity, in the form of an individual, achieves what was once thought impossible. The continuing achievement of humanity, as record after record falls, is something amazing. The ability to push oneself to achieve what has been declared impossible, that is the essence of the human spirit (in my mind, at least).

The odds are against any one human breaking a record, or achieving the impossible on the world stage. However, we can all focus on achieving the things we consider impossible, to go beyond our previous best, and to become the best possible person we can become, one step at a time.

Where can I apply this in my life?
While it might not appear that tough to some, I have achieved something I considered impossible with this blog. You see, I don’t like to write. I never really liked English and Composition classes. Perhaps it was an act of rebellion towards my mother, the English teacher. I did it when it was necessary, but I never enjoyed it.

Fast forward to 10 months ago, when I started the blog. Since then, I have published over 300 posts, and averaged about 800 words in each posting. With a few days off in the beginning, I’ve been publishing daily since then. At this point, I’m closing in on a quarter million words.

All of this because I challenged myself to try to do something useful and interesting with all the tiny little quotes flying around in the Twitter-verse. I gave myself an un-achievable task, and then I did it. I doubt I’ll ever run out of quotes, so I may well be at this for a very long time.

What are some of the things you have wanted to achieve? Some of these things may be long term (like writing a blog or getting, and remaining, fit), while others may be something shorter term (making a new friend, or forgiving an old one).

Are there projects to start or complete? Is there something small but wonderful to make and give away? Is there someone you could help? What boundary are you going to push back? What new and wonderful thing are you going achieve?

Grab some paper and write down a couple achievements that you think would be worthy of a front page story, if front pages were worthy of reading. Please understand that we’re not looking for heroics, which often make the front page of normal papers. We’re talking about the things you would put in your very own personal paper, The You-ville Times.

Select one of the items on your list with a fairly short time frame, and which generates a great deal of enthusiasm within you. Break it into bite sized chunks and make sure it’s written down. Leave some space next to each chunk. Now figure out the steps it take to accomplish each of the first few chunks and write them down in those extra spaces. Congratulations, you have a plan.

Now, write down why you absolutely, positively MUST achieve this, and make it truly motivating. If you say “it was an assignment on a web site,” how motivational will that be? If you say “I really want to decorate a flower pot and give it to a friend because they LOVE hand painted flower pots,” will that be a little more motivation?

The penultimate thing to do? Set a deadline, one you think you can make, but will also be at least a little bit of a challenge. A deadline that, combined with your reason (above) will keep you going, keep you motivated, and keep you energized, until you have achieved your goal.

Now the final thing to do is to take the first step. If you don’t have a flower pot handy, go online and print out a flower pot from a store you might use (now you know where to find one, and how much it will cost), and draw on it, to see what it might look like. Take a step. Do something to make it real, and to start the clock. Get ready to achieve something wonderful.

From: Twitter, @Sports_Greats
confirmed at : http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/e/earlwarren106227.html
Photo by friskytuna


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