Its amazing what you can accomplish when you do not care who gets the credit.

Its amazing what you can accomplish when you do not care who gets the credit.Harry S. Truman

Yes, it's a great idea, but who is going to get credit? Should it matter?

What does that mean?
One of the things that seems to matter to important people, is the very status of being a very important person.  Tautological, yes, but true.  To some people, the idea that someone else would get the credit can cause them all kinds of emotional distress. Some even put it into action.

This could show itself as anything from outright sabotage, spreading of rumors, political maneuvering, down to a passive-aggressive foot dragging. By being the opposite, by not caring about the credit, you might just sooth the savage beast, and in doing so, gain their cooperation.

Why is credit (the giving of it, in this case) important?
Even if it is your idea, would you rather be right, or get the idea implemented?  How much do you value your vanity, your pride?  Can you set it aside or swallow it?  Can you see someone else succeed, having stolen your idea, or must you set the record straight, even if it means it will now never be done?

Some might go with it if no monetary gain is involved (they won’t get rich from stealing your idea), others will stand firm on principle.  Some will consider if it improves the lives of others, or if it’s more superficial.  Still other ideas may help advance a career (yours or theirs).  There is a lot to think about before making the decision.

Oh, and have you considered that they may have come to that conclusion on their own?  Have you considered that they may have been thinking and planning something similar for days, weeks, even years?  That you happened to mention your idea, and spurred them into action?  That they may be moving quickly to keep YOU from stealing THEIR idea?  Hmmmm.

It’s a personal decision, a value call.  My choice has always (well, since I’ve grown up, at least) been to favor the accomplishment of the idea, rather than worrying about getting credit for it. What thoughts do you have, or have you taken the time to consider this?

For those who like a little snark with their breakfast, try this phrase: “Those who count, know. Those who don’t know, don’t count.” That is to say, the people who matter to you, know it’s your idea, the others, well if they don’t know, they don’t matter.  Some would consider it petty, to others, it’s their way of letting off steam.

Where can I apply this in my life?
We’ve all seen it in a TV show.  Someone comes to their boss or parents with a bright idea, the idea is ridiculed, and then (sometimes in the same breath), the idea is repeated right back, word for word.  And, get this, it’s a GREAT idea.  And they are glad THEY thought of it, too!

Unfortunately, these people do exist.  In every company, in every organization, in every community, in every political party.  Some might not have as bad a case of it as others, but at some point, you will run into one of these people.  It might be worth thinking of where you will draw the line, so that when the situation arises, you already know the answer.

You just compare the situation with your line, and make an easy decision.  Otherwise, you may have many sleepless nights, as you consider all the different ramifications of the possible outcomes.

Besides, Blogs are the place to put the real facts out there for all to see, right?

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